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We work with a variety of organisations to direct money into investments that actually make a positive difference.   Our aim is to identify the ‘good guys’, and to provide practical solutions for advisers and asset managers so that more investors are able to use their money positively.  Here’s what some of them said:

George Latham, Partner – WHEB Asset Management

“3D’s Fund rating system provides a good and consistent way to measure risk, return and impact.  This adds the extra dimension that helps clients validate positive investments.”

WHEB is specialist investor focused on the opportunities created by the global transition to more sustainable, resource efficient and energy efficient economies. WHEB manages the £150 million Sustainability Fund.  The WHEB Sustainability Fund is a 5 Star rated fund, and a licensed 3D Fund Partner.

George Critchley, Founder – Pennine Wealth Solutions

“This type of solution is really helpful. It will enable positive investing to become more mainstream.  Their grading of ESG funds is invaluable in sorting out the wheat from the chaff. 3D has decades of experience in positive investing, and we get the benefit of that”

Pennine Wealth Solutions (PWS) is an asset manager based in the North West of England, with around £100 million under management.  PWS engaged 3D Investing to help develop the Positive Pennine Portfolios, a range of risk rated portfolios adopting the 3D philosophy.

Max Pieters, IFA – Westminster Wealth Solutions

“Investments with a positive impact are the future of financial advice. 3D Investing offers a creative and highly transparent solution that allows me to meet clients’ financial objectives on a risk adjusted basis.””

Westminster Wealth is a chartered financial planning group, overseeing more than £800 million of assets.  3D Investing is working with Westminster Wealth to offer positive portfolios for clients.

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