Why Work With Us?

The benefits of working with 3D Investing

3D Investing sets you apart

There are multiple benefits from using our services rather than trying to run a service unassisted or using more traditional approaches:

Distinctive solution for your socially motivated clients

Easy to implement package of services

Cost effective and flexible fee structure

Branding remains with you - we stay in the background

Knowledge gained through many years of practical experience

Considerable time saving on research, monitoring & reporting

Clear independence of screening and research

Well documented methodology and process

In essence, we make it easy for advisers and asset managers to offer a top-end service for socially motivated clients.  This saves money and time, whilst offering a portfolio management service that will inspire investors.

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A distinctive solution

3D investing is very different to most other ethical or socially responsible investment propositions.  By seeking to maximise social impact and minimise ethical compromise, it results in portfolios that actually look more like the sort of portfolios that socially motivated investors expect.  Also risk can be more effectively managed by including a wide range of assets that go beyond the usual bond/equity split.

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A trustworthy process

Trust is at the very heart of investment and we help to earn that trust by being very transparent.  All investments are described and any ethical issues discussed.  The pros and cons of each investment are also made clear.  The investment process and methodology is explained in some detail, so it can be seen how conclusions are reached.  In short, the investor can see how and why the portfolio is being constructed, making it easier for them to buy in to the process.  Our independence and subjective analysis also helps to meet the Regulator’s requirements.

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A practical service

3D investing is built on years of experience of advising socially motivated clients and of developing portfolios for them.  This means that we have built the service around the very practical needs of advisers and asset managers.  We recognise that everyone is different and have therefore built in enough flexibility to accommodate individual requirements.    Most importantly, our research and reporting leave advisers and managers free to focus on the client relationship, without getting bogged down in time consuming due diligence and monitoring.

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