Our values

how we live out our values

A personal commitment to 3D Investing

I’m pretty sceptical about codes of conduct, social responsibility reports and mission statements.  Too often, they don’t tell you very much about the hearts and minds of the people behind the organisation.  In the context of 3D investing, the most important test is how the people running the service actually manage their own money.  So what about me?  Do I “put my money where my mouth is”?

I like to think I do.  In fact the whole philosophy and practice of 3D Investing is based on my own personal experience and observation of different investment approaches dating back to 1987.  This has translated to investments in:

General ethical funds

Environmental solutions funds

Game changer shares

Community renewable schemes


Fair trade finance

Social property

Social infrastructure

Sustainable agroforestry

I try to put my money where my mouth is

How our values work out

I do this because I believe in it.  This stems from a deep commitment to making the world a better place by addressing social inequality and environmental degradation.  This is borne of a deep love of the natural environment in which I spend a lot of time.  I’ve been fortunate enough to visit big mountains, deserts, rainforests and seas, whilst living amongst the mountains and lakes of the Lake District.  This gives me a real affinity with the natural environment.  At the same time, I’ve always been struck by the injustices that keep much of the world’s population poor.  This has driven a desire to do something about it.

Action not words

So what does all this actually mean?  In my case it’s led me to try to take practical actions on a personal and corporate level:

Invest money to catalyse better livelihoods for the poor

Give at least 10% of my income to transformational charities

Seek to reduce my carbon footprint

Create spaces for dialogue on social issues

Live lightly with a non-consumerist outlook

Be ethical in my purchasing

I’ve been fortunate enough to see amazing parts of the world, but I’ve also seen poverty and am strongly motivated to do something about it

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