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Cost-effective ethical research on securities, investment funds and impact funds

Ethical Money provides research and communication services to help investment managers and advisers to deliver a high quality and distinctive service for the socially motivated investor.  We can be involved to the extent that you want us to be and can provide any or all of the following:

3D Portfolios – offer your own 3D portfolios using our model portfolios, investment profiling and marketing support

Ethical screening – we check the ethical suitability of investments so that client concerns are reflected in their investments

Profiling – ethical reasoning and synopsis of any investment to demonstrate suitability

Due diligence – detailed analysis of investments summarised in a report

3D Fund Analyst – search and compare over 100 funds using our online tool

3D Portfolios

We make it easy for third party managers and advisers to run innovative portfolios for their socially motivated investors.  We have created two notional portfolios as a basis for investment managers and advisers to develop their own proposition using the 3D investment philosophy.  These principally invest in ethically screened or thematic funds but also include a small selection of carefully screened equities that complement the collectives.   The responsibility for operating the portfolios lies with our partner investment managers and advisors, but we take a lot of the hard work out of setting up portfolios, monitoring investments and reporting.    Comprehensive reports and investment profiles are made available for our partners to adapt and badge as their own, leaving Ethical Money as the ‘engine room’ behind the scenes.

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  • Ethical/Sustainable

  • Environmental

  • Clean Energy

  • Social Property

  • Healthcare

  • Microfinance

  • Other

Ethical Screening

ethical-issues-icons-gridIndividual clients have very individual concerns.  We ensure that these concerns are properly addressed by screening companies according to their specific criteria.  We can also check the suitability of prospective investments according to prescribed criteria or for the majority of socially motivated clients, using our many years of experience to help make judgements.  This experience of advising socially motivated investors dates back to 1991 and is coupled with a deep understanding of their concerns, which enables us to readily identify the key issues pertaining to a particular type of company and to be able to assess how well these issues are being tackled.  The service is quick and cost effective, with a response being provided within 24 hours in most instances.  It covers any stock on a listed stock exchange, and is flexible enough to include a screen for any issue.   A detailed ethical questionnaire can be supplied for use with clients, but we recommend a more rounded discussion with clients to elicit their key concerns.

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Transparency is a key part of 3D investing so we endeavour to publish detailed information on the reasoning behind our conclusions.  This also helps to earn the trust of investors and allows us to explain how companies and funds are addressing investor concerns.  All of this information can be made available to our partners, including fund profiles, due diligence reports, summary paragraphs on individual equities and bonds, as well as comprehensive portfolio reports.   The fund profiles cover sustainability management, social impact, risk, financial track record, ethical suitability, investment strategy and management.  This is based on objective analysis of the funds and paints a comprehensive and detailed picture of each fund, which allows a much better level of understanding of constituent investments.

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  • Little Ethical Merit

  •  Best of Sector

  • Game Changer

  • Solutions Based

  • Cash

Due Diligence

We conduct detailed research on prospective investment funds, including both listed and unlisted investments. We can undertake due diligence on any investment fund that an investor might want us to research, with a fixed fee being charged for the research. If we have already conducted the research, a lower fee will be charged. Due diligence is especially valuable for impact investments where many things can go wrong and detailed scrutiny is especially valuable. For impact investments we typically look at cash flows, the robustness of the business model, quality of management, track record, liquidity and risks. We also assess the social impact of any investment.

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Fees & Terms of Business

Our role is to support the investment manager or advisor and our contract is therefore with the intermediary and not the end client. We provide the research, due diligence and screening services to enable investment management and advisory firms to run 3D investment portfolios, but responsibility for investments and client advice remains with our partner firms, whilst we retain the rights to the intellectual property relating to our research. In essence, we provide the tools, analysis and marketing support so that the investment service for clients is clearly yours. Notwithstanding this, we view our relationships as joint ventures, and seek to do all we can to make it as easy as possible for partner firms to establish and run 3D portfolios.

Our fees are generally based on a share of assets under management, but this can be structured as a fixed fee, reviewable over time. A minimum fee applies at outset to cover set up costs and our intellectual capital. We are sensitive to the demands on smaller firms and are prepared to share some of the risk of establishing a new service. Please contact us for a discussion in the initial instance.

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