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Demonstrating excellence
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Although we rate every fund without prejudice, a select number of funds have been licensed to carry the 3D Star Rating.  The star rating provides independent verification of excellence and is based on quantitative and qualitative analysis.

The star rating logo shows that the licencee is one of a small number of the best ethical and sustainable funds.  The logo can be linked to a fund profile which is produced for licencees to be freely distributed.  See example.

Licenced funds are listed here.  Other fund providers wishing to license their fund should contact us for further information.

Featured Research

Ethex Positive Investing Report

ethex report

This report  is the largest and most extensive study ever undertaken into the positive investment market in the UK.  The resulting report identifies 5 core types of positive investors and explores their motivations and attitudes.

Ethex Positive Investing Report

Impax Climate Change Risk Update

impax climate change risk

In 2015, Impax developed a new approach to managing climate change investment risk within equity portfolios, exploring the potential impairment to future cash flows of companies whose valuations are linked to fossil fuel assets

Impax Climate Change Risk Report

WHEB Sustainability Impact Report

wheb impact cover

This report from asset manager, WHEB, not only reports on the impact of its Sustainability fund, but shows the extent to which the financial performance of companies and their positive social, environmental and economic outcomes move in lock step with each other.

WHEB Sustainability Impact Report

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