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All funds are rated regardless of financial considerations but the funds listed below are licenced to display the Star Rating logo.  This provides independent verification of their excellence which is backed up by a detailed profile of the fund. All licencees are leaders in their sector.

Foresight (Solar)

The Foresight Solar Fund invests in large ground mounted Solar Assets in the UK, the majority of which are in the South of England. The five star rating reflects the pure focus on the generation of solar energy, the transparent reporting, biodiversity assessment and the quantification of environmental impact in terms of carbon.  Web Site

Impax Asset Management (Environmental Markets)

Impax Asset Management only invests in the opportunities created by the scarcity of natural resources and the growing demand for cleaner, more efficient products and services.  The Environmental Markets PLC is Impax’s flagship fund and given the long term track record, strategy, pure environmental focus, high level of transparency and excellence of the impact reporting, we have awarded the fund a 5 star rating.   Web Site

Liontrust (Sustainable Future Fund Range, UK Ethical)

Liontrust runs a wide range of sustainable investment funds, all of which are positively rated.  The range of sustainability funds is unmatched in the UK and there is a clear thematic focus combined with ESG analysis and ethical exclusion. The group has invested heavily in a substantial team of sustainability investment specialists.  The investment rationale is clear and well thought out, with good levels of communication.   Web Site

Pictet (Global Environmental Opportunities)

Pictet is one of the pioneers of thematic investing and this fund embraces multiple environmental themes in the belief that these offer an attractive investment proposition.  The fund was originally run under a different strategy, but has since been run in a different way that has both been more successful and more focused on environmental solutions.  ESG risks are monitored to avoid ethical controversies and this is borne out by a lack of exposure to any ethical controversies. Uniquely, the fund measures the sustainability of the portfolio with reference to sustainable limits.  Web Site

Rathbones (Ethical Bond)

The Ethical Bond Fund is marked out by its proven track record, higher than average yield, comprehensive exclusion criteria, and inclusion of high social impact investments.   Unlike many other bond funds, there is no exposure to fossil fuels and the breadth of exclusionary screens makes it widely suitable for ethical investors.   Web Site

Sarasin (Responsible Bond, Sustainable Real Estate)

The Responsible Corporate Bond Fund has a clear thematic bias, combined with an ESG matrix to avoid controversies and to raise the exposure to companies with a relatively good environmental and social performance.  Likewise, The Sustainable Real Estate Fund is a clear leader amongst real estate funds with ESG factors being very evident in stock selection.  The managers have considerable expertise in assessing ESG issues with a strong conviction that higher standards of ESG lead to superior performance.  Web Site

Standard Life (Global Equity Impact)

Standard Life has a proven track record in ethical investing and this fund builds on this heritage.  The fund is distinctive for its focus on larger companies (when compared with other impact funds) at different stages of impact maturity. The extent of impact is measured and reported in a comprehensive and detailed way, according to eight impact pillars that draw on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  Aberdeen Standard is a large institution and uses its size to engage with holdings on ESG issues.  Web Site

Triodos (Sustainable Equity, Sustainable Pioneer)

Triodos is known as a real pioneer in sustainable investing, chiefly through its banking operations.  The quality of the social research, transparency of communications and the ethos of the funds are second to none. We have a very high level of confidence in Triodos’ ability to manage sustainability issues and the Sustainable Equity Fund provides exposure to a diverse range of larger global companies.   The Pioneer Fund is more thematic and invests in small and medium sized companies that fall into one of four themes – sustainable energy, medical technology, environmental technology and corporate social responsibility pioneers.   Web Site

WHEB Sustainability

WHEB is a specialist fund manager wholly focussed on sustainable investing in global equities.  The fund invests in solutions to sustainability challenges driven by the megatrends of resource scarcity, population growth, urbanisation, rising living standards and globalisation.  The team’s understanding and communication of sustainability is exceptional and therefore one of only a few funds to be awarded a 3D five star ranking.  Web Site

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