3D Star Ratings

Identifying the most positive funds
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The 3D Star Ratings enable easy comparison of ethical and sustainability funds based on thorough analysis of the underlying holdings, the track record of the fund and the extent to which it delivers on the threefold 3D objectives.

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3D Fund Analysis

We analyse over 200 ethical and sustainable funds, looking at each and every holding to determine the actual impact of a portfolio and to identify any ethical controversies. We analyse funds that are registered for sale in the UK and that have some form of ethical or sustainable basis.

We have partnered with leading impact service provider, Worthstone, to enable you to compare these funds on a range of social and financial criteria.  Worthstone also provides more detailed fund profiles of some of the leading funds.  This is a subscription service for advisers and asset managers.

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3D Fund Review

Keep on top of changes – new funds, changes to the 3D Star Ratings, performance, sector reviews and more – in a six monthly fund review.

The review also includes interviews with key fund managers, profiles of highlighted funds and topical comment.  We also compare the performance of funds in key sectors, and looking at how funds have performed overall relative to conventional funds in their sector.

Our research is published by two partners – Good With Money for individuals, and Worthstone for IFAs and professional investors – with content being geared toward the different needs and level of understanding.  The Review is free but requires registration on the Good With Money or Worthstone web site.

Star Rating for Funds

Although we rate every fund without prejudice, a select number of funds have been licensed to carry the 3D Star Rating.  The star rating provides independent verification of excellence and is based on quantitative and qualitative analysis. Fund profiles are produced for licencees which can then be freely distributed to assist in marketing.  See how the 3D star rating is being used by one fund manager here.

Current fund licencees are listed here.  Other fund providers wishing to license their fund should contact us for further information.

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Featured Research

Ethex Positive Investing Report

ethex report

This report  is the largest and most extensive study ever undertaken into the positive investment market in the UK.  The resulting report identifies 5 core types of positive investors and explores their motivations and attitudes.

Ethex Positive Investing Report

Triodos Whitepaper

impact investign through listed equities and bonds cover

In this whitepaper, Triodos explores critical trends and challenges, and how these can be addressed by going beyond traditional ESG to invest in seven investable transition themes that will be instrumental in securing a sustainable future.

Impact Investing in listed stocks

WHEB Sustainability Impact Report

wheb impact cover

This report from asset manager, WHEB, not only reports on the impact of its Sustainability fund, but shows the extent to which the financial performance of companies and their positive social, environmental and economic outcomes move in lock step with each other.

WHEB Sustainability Impact Report

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