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3D portfolios are managed investment portfolios that satisfy the 3D investment philosophy of maximising positive impact, minimising ethical controversy and meeting financial expectations.  We don’t offer portfolios ourselves but work with partner fund managers who run a range of portfolios for advisers.  We ensure that these portfolios are run according to the 3D philosophy.

Alternatively, if you are an advisor or asset manager, we can work with you to help develop your own 3D portfolios.

We don’t offer advice or investment management for individual investors, but individual investors can access portfolios screened by 3D Investing through our partner advisers and managers.  Please note that we are not responsible for the management of these portfolios and the this is not a recommendation to buy.  You should seek advice –  Read Important Information.

Positively different

Portfolios following the 3D philosophy are distinctly different to traditional ‘ethical’ investments. The key aim is to maximise positive social impact alongside meeting financial expectations.  Not only this, but 3D portfolios have to demonstrate positive impact through an impact report that documents how much of the portfolio makes a positive impact and how.

Every 3D portfolio has to report on its impact and makes positive impact an important part of the investment rationale.  Not only is this a more inspiring approach than just avoiding ethical transgressions, but it enables investors to benefit from the long term opportunities to be found in solutions to social and environmental challenges.

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3D Portfolio Managers

We work with discretionary fund managers who run risk rated portfolios following the 3D philosophy.  You can simply choose the most appropriate portfolio for your client and the manager does the rest, leaving you to focus on the financial planning. We make sure that the fund manager invests in funds that meet the 3D philosophy. We also provide an impact report that demonstrates the social impact of the portfolio. Portfolios are highly diversified and spread amongst a range of assets to manage risk.

Positive Pennine Portfolios

The Positive Pennine Portfolios were launched in August 2016 to offer a positive investment solution for the everyday investor, as well as for those with more substantial assets.   The portfolios are part of a stable of funds offered by Pennine Wealth Solutions and are run by Smart IM on the Praemium platform.  Funds are selected by Smart IM from a pre-approved universe of funds that all meet the 3D criteria.

A choice of 7 portfolios is available with different levels of risk being reflected in different asset allocations. The minimum investment is set at a relatively low level of £10,000 which makes the portfolios a viable option for a wide range of investors. A combined management and platform fee of 0.79% is charged.

More Information

Set up your own 3D Portfolios

If you run your own portfolios for clients, we can help you to maximise and report the positive social impact of portfolios.  The responsibility for operating the portfolios lies with you, but we can help you  with clear, objective data and detailed analysis of the social impact of underlying investments.

We monitor the social impact of investments on an ongoing basis and also enable you to provide comprehensive impact reports of your own.

If you’re an adviser or investment manager, we’d love to help you set up and run your own 3D portfolios.  We suggest arranging a meeting at which we can discuss all aspects of our service, but a telephone conversation is probably the best form of initial contact.

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