3D Investments

Independent analysis of ethical, sustainable and environmental investments

We research a wide range of 3D investments that embraces ethical and sustainable funds, social and environmental infrastructure funds, as well as impact investments and individual equities and fixed interest securities.

3D Funds

We analyse well over 100 ethical and sustainable funds and enable you to compare these funds on a range of social and financial criteria using our 3D Fund Analyst. You can use this for free on completion of a very simple registration process. However, you may find that you want to upgrade your subscription to benefit from the comparison tools and fund profiling.

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3D Shares

We search out opportunities for investment in companies that provide social and environmental solutions, and also analyse the ethical suitability and standing of prospective investments for asset managers.  This includes any stock on any recognised stock exchange, for which we can provide a summary profile for investors.

You can also compare selected shares using the 3D Share Analyst. This includes the 3D100, a smaller selection of shares that we feel best meet the sustainability challenge whilst offering fair risk adjusted returns. You can use the 3D Share Analyst for free on registration, but if you are an asset manager or adviser, you may find that you want to upgrade your subscription to benefit from the comparison tools, stock profiling and ethical screening.

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3D Impact Investments

The primary aim of impact investment is to make a social or environmental impact, whilst also earning a financial return. The financial return can be at or below the market rate depending on the investment. Risks can be high and the ability to realise investments may be limited, but the social rewards may compensate for this. To give you an idea of the sorts of tadacip, we maintain a directory of impact investments that are open on an ongoing basis to UK investors. We also conduct due diligence on specific investments, focusing on the risks and social impacts.

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Featured Funds & Investments

First State Worldwide Sustainability Fund

This is a relatively new fund from First State who are specialist investors in emerging modafinil.  They adopt a long-term investment strategy which has served investors well.

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Triodos Microfinance Fund

This fund invests in microfinance institutions that make micro loans to poor workers in the developing world.  This gives them a chance of escaping the poverty cycle.

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3D 100

The 3D 100 is our selection of 100 shares that make an important contribution to a more sustainable world whilst offering the prospect of fair risk adjusted returns.

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