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3D Investing

“Helping investment managers and advisors to provide
distinctive portfolios for their socially motivated investors”

3D Investing seeks to maximise positive impact, minimise ethical controversy and meet financial expectations.

3D Investing is about investing in profitable solutions to social and environmental challenges, leading to a competitive financial performance

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The 3D Star Ratings help investors and advisers to quickly identify the funds that actually do what they claim, based on analysis of what the funds actually invest in.

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We help investment managers and advisers to develop their own 3D investment portfolios. These are open to private investors via our IFA partners.

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3D Portfolios

We help investment managers and advisers to develop managed portfolios following the 3D philosophy, on either a discretionary or advisory basis.


3D Licenced Funds

3D licenced funds are amongst the very best sustainable and ethical funds. We have profiled each licenced fund to detail the reasoning behind our ratings.


3D Funds

Ever wondered how ethical ‘socially responsible funds’ really are? We've partnered with Worthstone to compare funds based on their actual content. (Leaves this web site)


Stocks Checked

We’ve checked every underlying investment in each and every fund in the 3D fund universe, so we can measure actual impact and spot ethical controversies.

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