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3D Investing

“Helping investment managers and advisors to provide
distinctive portfolios for their socially motivated investors”

3D Investing seeks to maximise social impact, minimise ethical compromise and deliver on financial expectations

We have developed two model portfolios for investment managers and advisers to develop their own 3D investment portfolios. This enables private investors to access 3D portfolios via our partners.

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We analyse ethical investments and impact funds, conducting detailed due diligence and profiling investments so that investors can be confident that their money really is making a difference.

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We offer free use of our 3D Investment Analyst, allowing you to compare over 250 shares and 140 funds. All you need to do is to register to access this powerful tool and to receive updates by email.

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3D Investments

Our analysis compares a comprehensive selection of socially responsible shares, ethical funds, social infrastructure funds, environmental funds and impact investments


3D Portfolios

Our Balanced Income and Balanced Growth Portfolios are models to demonstrate how investment managers and advisers can meet the needs of socially motivated clients.


3D Funds

Ever wondered how ethical ‘socially responsible funds’ really are? The 3D Fund Analyst answers the question by comparing funds based on their actual content.


Impact Investments

Impact investment seeks to bring about social or environmental change by using capital to make that change happen. We conduct detailed due diligence to help advisers


3D Shares

The 3D Share Analyst enables you to compare a selection of 3D shares by theme, ethical approach, sustainability management, location and ethical suitability.

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