The Cochabamba Project Ltd. - A Unique Social Investment


The Cochabamba Project is a fully trading Industrial Provident Society for the benefit of the community, working in equal partnership with poor smallholders on the fringes of the Bolivian Amazon to establish and maintain a profitable and sustainable community-based forestry enterprise as part of a wider project known as ArBolivia.


The society's members are socially motivated investors who share our vision and provide the finance needed for local smallholders to plant native species of tropical hardwoods as an alternative to unsustainable farming practices. 


We invite you to join us as a member and help fund the project to breakeven when timber revenues will more than cover operational costs.  Although your primary motive should be social, this is very much an INVESTMENT, not a gift, and we offer the prospect of a full return of capital and a modest rate of interest each year*, which at present is rolled up until you withdraw your shares.  As a guideline, an average investment of £5,000 will fund the following over the coming year:


  • Maintenance of over 15,000 trees including 12 different native species
  • Creation of conservation areas
  • Farming support for 8 families including training, provision of plant materials and specialist tools, access to credit, services of a professional technical adviser
  •  Establishing "fair trade" timber sales at better prices for farmers

AND unlike a donation, your investment offers the prospect of earning interest and re-using the money in the future.*       



Please click on the link below to download a copy of our current offer


Share Offer 12


We are also currently offering loan stock to help us match fund a grant from the Netherlands Overseas Development Agency for a new timber harvesting and processing unit, called ArBoReal . The funds will mainly be used to buy specialist equipment and vehicles to enable us to recover and process merchantable timber from young plantations that would not be possible using local contractors, who are only used to logging larger, mature trees from the natural forest. This is therefore an important development for us, which we are keen to succeed.


You may choose a rate of up to 4% and the maturity date is 31st October 2020. The minimum investment is £1,000 and the closing date is 31st December but there is an incentive for investing early.  


ArBoReal Loan Stock Offer


There is also a guidance sheet "investing for a child". 


presentation* Your capital is at risk and you may not get back what you have invested. Interest is not guaranteed and is currently only payable on withdrawal of capital.


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